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Species Numbers Slashed

Species Numbers Slashed

Oct 3, 2016, 10:25 AM 0

Many anti-creationists often triumphantly claim that Noah could never have fitted "all those millions of species" into the Ark. A recent reassessment of the likely total number of (non-bacterial) species on on the planet has come up with the figure of 5.5 million.

This is far less than the commonly cited figure of over 30 million from a 1982 suggestion by Smithsonian Institution researcher Terry Erwin. The latest figure, said to be "perfectly reasonable", is based on the work by Andrew Hamilton of the University of Melbourne, Australia.

His work suggests that up to 3.7 million of his drastically lowered species count is from one invertebrate group alone, the arthropods (e.g. insects, spiders and crustaceans). But Noah was only required to take creatures that breathe through nostrils, that is vertebrates (Gen. 7:22). And millions of species live in the sea - whereas God's instructions for the Ark referred to land-dwellers. Add to the fact that the biblical kind is broader than species and we are left with probably fewer than 20'000 animals - even allowing for extinct types - on board Noah's Ark.

Extracted from the Creation Magazine Vol. 32 No. 4  2010

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