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Under 1500 players, let's analyze together!

Under 1500 players, let's analyze together!

Dec 30, 2016, 8:49 AM 0

The other day I had an idea that I want to turn into a chess channel in 2017. I want to play games with players 1500 and under for a long time control (I think I've settled on G/30 d/5 but this could change) then together (maybe via Skype?) we will analyze the game. I'll cut together some of the video and post these analysis sessions to youtube. I'm hoping that this will be helpful in a few ways.

1) Obviously it should be helpful to the individual I'm playing against. Time to sit and play, then analyze with a higher rated player. But I won't be so much higher rated (my USCF is ~1800) that I either blow them out of the water or don't make mistakes. They will have some opportunities and that's what the analysis is for.

2) I'm hoping it should also be beneficial to others watching. The videos won't be as long as the entire analysis obviously, but watching us go through the game, seeing the under 1500 player asking questions they might ask and me answering them should hopefully be instructive. Plus it will serve as a model of how they should analyze their own games (how to analyze tournament games will be my first stand-alone video)

3) It should be fun for me, but also probably won't hurt my game either to do more analysis!

So, chess.com, let me know if you think this sounds like a great/okay/awful idea! If you're interested in playing one of the games against me I've created a google calendar here where you can enter your name to reserve a Wednesday evening. Currently Wednesdays are the best night for me to do this, and the meeting time will either be @6:00pm or @9:00pm US Eastern depending on my IRL schedule. When I know those restrictions I'll add them to the calendar so you don't sign up for a night you can't make!

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