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My first league game - Doing OK until THAT blunder!!!

My first league game - Doing OK until THAT blunder!!!

Dec 11, 2016, 8:06 AM 4

This Sunday 11th of December 2016 was a great day for me as I officially started my career as a chess club player. I played as the second board of our team Tres Cantos D, and were matched against the team from La Elipa, in Spanish second division. I am a complete beginner but my club insisted on having me playing in second division and as the second board of the team (which implies that I am going to face the second best player of the other team)! As a consequence I am very glad to play against these strong players, because I will learn much more out of these encounters. And my dear team colleagues seem to place their trust in me, or/and they don't mind having me losing most of my games this season, so... :-) . The game took place at La Elipa, I played the white pieces and my opponent José Luis Dopico Alcala, rated 1785 Elo FIDE and 1854 Elo FEDA.


I eventually ended up losing the game, but I was delighted that I got the opportunity to play this game and I felt that I had learned very much from it. First, I had to learn how you actually play an OTB league game, how you use the clock (And yes I've forgotten to click that button after moving my pieces more than once, resulting in a net loss of about 5 minutes...), I got used to write down the moves on a sheet of paper, and many other things that are part of the game's ritual and ceremony. On top of that, I was able to hold a decent position until I badly blundered on move 32 when I began to enter in time trouble, while my initial expectation was that I was going to be outplayed from the first 20 moves. My opponent's rating did impress me quite a bit, because I don't even have a rating yet, but one thing I am sure of is that my rating is well below that (only at the moment and for a short period of time I mean of course!). My opponent was very kind and he invited me to quickly review the game with him in the aftermath, which was very helpful to me. He saw more than I did during our game, and he shared his thoughts with me.


This Monday I had the great opportunity to analyze my game with International Master José Gascon, and I therefore learned still much more thanks to his invaluable insight and his ability to teach me some bits of his chess knowledge. I have therefore tried to share some of these analyses, let's say the most relevant part of them, by commenting my game here below. I hope that you will enjoy these comments.


Please do not hesitate to add your comments on this topic if you see anything else to add or to ask. Chess, as any game, passion, or even work, is much better when shared among other people sharing the same interest.



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