The For AYE Game

The For AYE Game

Apr 1, 2016, 8:27 AM |

Hello chess players and fans!  I am glad you are reading this because throughout the events of this blog, I had a complete change of mind and "got the glow" as the expression goes.  Anyway, I can't wait to share this with all of you!  Well, lets get started!  You probably know every year the TMCL (Team Match Championship Leagues) are a big thing for all admins/superadmins in any group that is big enough to join and stay in.  Member janznice sent me a message regarding whether or not I would join and I can’t thank him enough because although I was out rated by 70+ points, I played the game of my life.  It is customary to keep readers interest to leave a thought hanging, so in this practice, I will go on to my next point.

IM Silman wrote an article last week "Falling into the Abyss" about eating the right foods when you play chess for extended periods of time.  Some players eat candy bars others eat bananas or nuts whatever keeps them alert and their blood sugar high.  The day was Easter Sunday, March 27, 2016.  I was chock-full of candy and sugar, with my blood sugar rocketing I sat down at the computer and logged into for the first time that day to see what new had happened.  After taking care of 97 messages and all of the VC games, I moved onto online chess.  At this time, I was feeling very bad about my chances of winning. I was unfamiliar with the opening I was using since I was using it for the first time. member yarealguru is a very active member and therefore we pushed the game quite a few moves before I logged out.  The game is below as follows with computer analysis and my notes on the side.

Now you wonder “why did you choose the name “The FOR AYE Game” as the title to the blog?”  It is simply a pun.  The definition of AYE: aye2:  also ay (a) adv, [ME ai < ON ei.]  Always : ever.  As of now, I would call this the best game I have ever played ranking it with a score of A.  With both of those “A’s” it just seemed right.

Our ratings before the game: yarealguru(1364) SonOfThunder2(1292).  I feel that this is by far the most planned and accurate game I have ever played but I owe it to my friends who helped me prepare for “D-Day” although I doubt any of them knew it at the time. 

·         First, my chess coach xisco949.  He gave me future game insight and taught me how to think like a real chess player by capitalizing on weak spots and transforming benefits. 

·         Second, my mom who would take the time to allow me to get better at chess.  

·         Thirdly, my good friend Harish73 who through many blogs showed the correct ways to build attacks and how to checkmate a lone king with a bishop and queen working together.

·         Fourthly, my good friends, Steikt and edwardseungwonjeong, who through many blogs and forums have improved my tactical vison amazingly.

 To all of these people who helped me achieve this amazing game, if you read this, thank you!