Your Best Opening

Your Best Opening

Dec 15, 2015, 11:28 AM |

This morning I was thinking about how I and everyone play chess. And, my attention was drawn to how to open each and every game.  I use the Stonewall Attack when I am light and The Sicilan when I'm dark but that is just my taste and style.  What about YOU?Wink

So to cut to the chase, how do you find the right opening for you?  How does anyone?  For each skill level you would select a different opening, but which one to fit your style of chess???  How agressive you are, how you think, and if you play Gambit's etc.  To find what type of player you are go here  this should help.

To find the right opening for you, follow these steps.

1. Find two of three opening's you like for each color and learn them like the alphabet!  Forward's, backward's, and inside out (the opening btw not the alphabetTongue Out).

2. Only pick an opening that matches your skill.  If your rated 800, why are you starting with e4?

As a Anaconda, I am a strait up d4 player.  It matches my skill, it is easy to vary, and covers important parts of the board.  As a Anaconda, I typically won't vary my opening unless absoulutely necessary, even if my opponent offers excellent opportunity to take advantage of them.  I won't normally vary untill my Bishop is on d3 and my Queenside Knight on e5.

Here's an example of my opening.







This gives you the result of the Stonewall Attack.  Man, talk about a Grizzly.  Just the right amount of defence and attack he'll slaughter you, even if you fight.

Here is a game with me using the Stonewall Attack. It was before I knew how to do it properly so, yeah, I do know that it's terrible.

In the comment's, looking forward to hearing what ya'lls chess personality is, and what your opening is for both side's.

Thanks for reading, hope I helped someone.