8 Ways To Make The Most of Your Premium Membership

8 Ways To Make The Most of Your Premium Membership

Jun 4, 2011, 3:09 PM |

So you've taken the plunge and bought a premium membership at Chess.com. How can you make the most of your investment?

1. Watch Chess Video Lessons (Diamond Members)
There are literally hundreds of instructional videos by titled players which are available to watch at any time, and at your own pace.  The videos typically last between 20-30 minutes and are organised into different categories and level of ability, so it’s easy to find what you want.

The video authors include the famous chess coach GM Roman Dzindzichashvili (Gata Kamsky was one of his students!), GM Gregory Kaidanov and many, many more.

So what are you waiting for? Get watching!

2. Study With Chess Mentor Online Training (Diamond Members)
Chess Mentor is the terrific online chess study software which provides interactive chess lessons at Chess.com. You can choose to study a particular set of lessons organised into a complete course, or let Chess Mentor identify your weaknesses and pick lessons to help you improve.

Chess Mentor also scores your performance on the tests, so you can measure your improvement over time.  Make sure you use Chess Mentor regularly to see the difference in your play!

3. Watch Chess.com TV (Diamond and Platinum)
Chess.com TV is a delicious treat which is adding content and improving all the time. Besides the live coverage of major chess competitions, there is also the opportunity to have your games analysed by a Grandmaster.

But the highlight is the “Pardon Our Blunders” talk show hosted by David Pruess and Danny Rensch. The guys debate the serious and not-so-serious issues of the week, with the occasional star guest to stir things up even more! It’s the coolest and funniest chess show on the internet!

4. Search The Openings And Games Explorer (Diamond and Platinum)
The most underused gems on Chess.com, the Games Explorer and Opening Explorer really come into their own with the unlimited access available to Diamond and Platinum members. As a Diamond or Platinum member you have access not only to a fully searchable database of your own Chess.com games, but also all your opponents’ games and a huge library of millions of master games as well.

To be prepared is to be forearmed!

5. Sharpen Your Skills With The Tactics Trainer (Diamond, Platinum and Gold)
It is often said that chess is 99% tactics and the most basic route to rapid improvement is to solve as many tactical puzzles as you can so that you can spot killer tactical shots in your sleep.

Utilise your premium membership to the max by solving unlimited Tactics Trainer puzzles every day. Only stop to eat or sleep! (Gold members are limited to 25 puzzles per day max).

6. Visit Chess.com on your Mobile (Diamond, Platinum and Gold)
If you are a smartphone user then make sure you make the most of your Chess.com premium subscription by installing the free Chess.com app for your iPhone or Android device.

All members can play the computer and make moves in their online games on the smartphone apps. But as a premium member you also have the same level of access on your smartphone as on the Chess.com website. So as a Diamond or Platinum member you have unlimited access to Video Lessons and the Tactics Trainer puzzles on your phone!   

7. Create Your Own Tournaments (Diamond, Platinum and Gold)
As a premium member you can play in more Chess.com tournaments, and even organise your own.  So if you want to organise a themed tournament on your favourite opening, there’s nothing to stop you!

8. Create Your Own Groups (Diamond, Platinum and Gold)
There are over 7,000 groups and teams on Chess.com, and as a premium member you can set up your own!  You get to decide who joins, so you can set up a group for your friends, or make new ones based around a shared interest.

One benefit of your premium membership is automatic, but also very welcome - no adverts!

What's your favourite premium feature?

If you aren’t a premium member, and would like to subscribe then go here.