A Point Of View: The Turk

The chess Candidates Tournament currently being held in London isn't getting a lot of direct publicity, but it does seem to be sparking off chess-related articles in the media.

The BBC radio show "A Point of View" has weekly reflections on topical issues and the latest used the starting point of the famous 18th Century chess-playing automaton "The Turk", and is full of quotable lines:

"We always want not just the right solution to a mystery, we want a beautiful solution. And when we meet a mysterious thing, we are always inclined to believe that it must therefore conceal an inner beauty. When we see an impregnable tower, we immediately are sure that there must be a princess inside".

You can either listen to the podcast (mp3 link) or read the transcript of the broadcast here.

The Turk


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    Or, as Einstain said: True equation of all universe should not be longer than one inch.

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    Thanx for passing this on. Very interesting. We all need our sense of perspective awakening from time to time in relation to many topics. Surprised

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