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Anand: With A Little Help From His Friends

Anand: With A Little Help From His Friends

May 19, 2010, 1:11 PM 9

Chessbase has published part one of an interview with Vishy Anand where he describes some of the help he received before and during his title defence with Topalov.

While Topalov relied on a staggeringly powerful computer for his preparation, Anand received help from (besides his regular team) Carlsen, Kasparov and even Kramnik!

I'm particularly shocked that Anand would divulge his opening preparation to Kasparov.  Not that Kasparov isn't trustworthy, but it was still a brave thing to do.  Anand obviously has great faith in him!

Chessbase article link here.

Oh, and if anyone doesn't get the Monty Python reference...

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