Awesome Online PGN Game Viewer


With the increasing popularity of 'cloud' computing and online applications for many kinds of tasks, I had wondered for quite a while why no-one seemed to have invented a way of opening and managing PGN files online, eliminating the need to download software for that purpose (e.g. the very useful and lightweight Chesscat).

I knew that there were webpages that allow you to paste a single PGN file into a text box, which then created a replayable board. For example's own handy analysis board editor.  But I wanted something much more powerful.

Now, thanks to a single tweet from "Chess in Translation" I have discovered an awesome extension for the Chrome browser that lets you open PGN file links from a webpage on a replayable board in a new tab.

Not only that, but it also detects all the PGN links on a page, works with zip files, and even features a built-in chess engine. It's so incredibly feature-rich I almost have to pinch myself to believe it!


So if the bright new future of cloud computing eventually eliminates desktop applications, I'll be ready with my PGN viewer extension!

You can get the pgn4web Chrome extension here.