Battle Vs Chess


If you're a fan of computer games as well as chess, you may be interested to know that a new game called "Battle Vs Chess" is being developed and is planned for release in May on a variety of platforms.

If, like me, you are past the first flush of youth, you may remember a game entitled Battle Chess, which was very popular and fun.  The animations of pieces slaughtering each other in bizarre and amusing ways kept me entertained for hours.  The way the Queen swung her hips when she walked was also rather hypnotic!  Cool

It seems that Battle Vs Chess is likely to be an updated version of this classic game.

Screenshot from the official site

More news about the release is here, and the official website is here (sadly, there are no sample animations available just yet).


H/T - The Closet Grandmaster.  I highly recommend reading his blog.  I hear about a lot of great stories there! Smile