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Jun 4, 2009, 12:51 PM |

A huge number of chess-related videos have been uploaded by members to the free chess videos section.

The section needs some improvements to it's functionality e.g. the ability to search for videos, and some way of weeding out duplicates, but nonetheless there are some gems to be found.

Here are my favourite free videos.  Do you have a favourite that's not on the list?  Please post a link!

1. Chess Club (Fight Club Parody) - What if the popular film 'Fight Club' was remade as 'Chess Club'?  Terrific parody!

2. Game Over: Kasparov versus the Machine - This 10 minutes trailer for the fascinating film shows Kasparov at his most vulnerable.  Did IBM play by the rules?

3. Josh Waitzkin: The Art of Learning - The former chess prodigy turned martial arts champion discusses how to learn any discipline.  His book of the same name is well worth a read too.

4. Kasparov - Karpov NY 2002 - A short film about the match between the two previous champions in 2002, which Karpov won.  Kasparov was obviously gutted, even though the match counted for nothing.

5. I've Got a Secret - Bobby Fischer - A great old clip from a TV show where panelists try to guess what the 15-year old Bobby does.

6. St. Louis Chess Club - A short film about this wonderful chess club, which also hosted the US Championships this year.

7. Chess is War! - A nice chess-themed intro for the computer game 'Age of Empires 2'.

8. Claymation Chess - The best chessboard animation sequence I've seen.

Also, not to be missed are are adverts featuring Kasparov, Topalov and Anand;  a rock song about Bobby Fisher and the theme from the musical 'Chess'; and for comic relief there is a spoof chess movie trailer, a clip from the incorrigible British TV comedy 'Bottom', an unusual chess simul, and how Garry Kasparov fails to keep a poker face after making a blunder!

What are your favourites?