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Computers and Chess

Computers and Chess

Feb 5, 2010, 12:27 PM 4

There's an interesting blog post on TechRepublic about the influence of computers in chess, and how GM's such as Hikaru Nakamura use them to help prepare for their opponents.

Chess may not have the mass-market appeal of more “active” sports like football and basketball, but the stakes can be high in the top tournaments. The 2010 World Chess Championship, which will be played in Bulgaria this spring, boasts a prize fund of 2 million euros (that’s more than $2.7 million USD). Perhaps more important than the money is the prestige that goes with taking a national or an international title. Top players work hard to get there, and they appreciate technology that can give them an edge against tough opponents.

Read the full article here.

H/T The Closet Grandmaster

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