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Frustrated with Fritz?

Frustrated with Fritz?

Mar 2, 2008, 2:18 PM 3


Fritz is a great piece of software, but new users are often frustrated by the very slim paper manual (more of a leaflet, really).   This is a shame because the answers to most questions about the program are usually easy to find and will enhance your enjoyment of Fritz enormously.


First, forget the pitifully brief manual and remember than the program itself has a Help menu.  This will assist with many problems.


However, by far the best guide to Fritz has been compiled through the years by the legendary Steve Lopez.  His old ChessBase articles about Fritz can be found here, (don't miss all the "T-notes" links on the left hand side) and his more recent ChessCafe articles are here.   


Don't worry if an article discusses an earlier version of Fritz from yours - they are still practically always relevant to newer versions.

Happy Fritzing!!! Cool

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