How Not To Cheat At Chess

Aug 27, 2016, 11:33 AM |

Talented chess players seem to get younger every year, probably with the help of ever-ready chess computer software to play against. However, a recent game from the 2016 Victorian Chess Championships shows that chess ethics may sometimes lag behind ability. 

One game from the eighth round was certainly a spectacular affair...


Great game, right? But hang on a minute, doesn't it look strangely familiar?


I don't know whether to be appalled that two junior players (and brothers) would think that fixing a game between themselves was a good idea, or to be impressed that they knew this classic chess gem from Akiba Rubinstein and could remember it all at the board. 

After this "coincidence" was discovered the game result was adjusted to 0-0 and presumably both of these talented young players learnt a lesson beyond the chess board!

H/T Ian Rogers on Twitter.