I've started so I'll finish

I've started so I'll finish

Nov 18, 2007, 1:03 PM |

One of the failings of the way I study chess is my extremely bad habit of starting reading a chess book and never actually finishing it. Embarassed  The list below is just a sample of the titles which grace the shelves of my bookcase, but which I have never actually finished.

  • Pawn Power in Chess - Kmoch
  • The Development of Chess Style - Euwe & Nunn
  • Understanding Chess Move by Move - Nunn
  • Chess Exam and Training Guide - Khmelnitsky
  • Tal - Botvinnik 1960 -Tal
  • Chess for Zebras - Rowson
  • 50 Essential Chess Lessons - Giddins
  • The Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played - Chernev
  • My Great Predecessors Vol 1,2,3 &4 !!! - Kasparov

Phew!  Just imagine how good I might be now if I'd bothered to finish that lot.  They are all, as far as I can tell from my partial readings, excellent books.

So why did I stop reading them?  Is it because I have the attention span of a gnat?  Partly.  Do I get halfway through the book and then get distracted by something shiny?  No; well, not yet anyway.

No, I think the reason I stop reading chess books is because I lack commitment.  I'd like to be a better player, but I'm not prepared to do the hard work necessary to improve.

So I'm going to make a promise here now to myself in the presence of my fellow Chess.com members, that I will damn well finish at least one of those books before next year.  I'll start tomorrow.  Honest. Smile

Those of you easily distracted by shiny things, like myself, might like to try the games I've added to my blog setup on the right hand side of this post.  They are: Spelling Bee, Match up, and Hangman.  While you're all distracted by them, I'll be improving my chess! Wink