Kasparov Versus Carlsen

With Magnus Carlsen now the #1 on the official FIDE ranking list by a clear margin, and closing in on Garry Kasparov's record 2851 Elo, you have to wonder how they would fare in a match against one another.

Sadly, unless Kasparov decides abandon his political career and return to chess full-time, we will never know.

But at least we do have two games that were played between them back in 2004 when Carlsen was a mere pup of 13 years.  They were only rapid games, but it gives a tantalising glimpse of what could have been a great rivalry.

With the white pieces the young Carlsen made the great champion sweat before a draw was reached.  When Kasparov had the white pieces he showed no mercy.

The notes are from the original Chessbase article here, which also includes a photo of the two facing each other across the board!



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    I expect their collaboration will go on in one form or another.  They understand chess at a different level.  They are even a step beyond Anand, Kramnik, and Topalov, who will be numbered among the greatest of all time.

    It reminds me of an observation by Yasser Seirawan in his book on the last Kasparov-Karpov match, Five Crowns.  He noticed that after a few games, the two started analyzing together after the games, something they hadn't done previously due to their long contentious relationship and bitter rivalry.  Yaz opined that it wasn't because they had buried any hatchets, but just that they were the only players in the world who could truly understand what the other was thinking.  They needed each other.

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    Where exactly did Carlsen go wrong in the second game?

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    Wouldn't it be nice if Kasparov/Carlsen publicized a select few of the games they play as part of Carlsen's training sessions? ;)

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    Are you mad!?!? If Carlsen and Kasparov played any serious long games together, then they could very well contain the key to solving chess!!! Any record of these games must be incinerated or else competitive chess shall die out and go the way of tic-tac-toe!!! It is only by the greatest fortune that these two geniuses only played fast games!!

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    "Kasparov was actually lucky to escape with a draw against the 13-year-old Norwegian wunderkind."

    I disagree, Kasparov was never in any danger in the first, drawn game.

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    @ Helipacter - yes, I heard that too! I hope that eventually they see the light of day, like Botvinnik's secret training games eventually did.  Not quite the same as real competition, but should be fantastic nonetheless! Cool

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    Very cool games.... :)

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    I remember reading that when Kasparov & Carlsen began training together, they played a number of Blitz games - it would be fantastic if they kept a note of these games and maybe they could be published one day...

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