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Making Your Own Chess Set

Making Your Own Chess Set

Apr 17, 2010, 2:25 AM 12

I wrote recently about my personal ineptitude when it comes to anything DIY-related, but many members commented on that blog post expressing an interest in making chess boards and even pieces.

There's nothing quite like a beautifully made chess set, and I've long been fascinated by the different materials and designs that are available.  Some are truly works of art!

If you are serious about making your own set and would like some guidance and inspiration, there is a nice website called Hand Made Chess which discusses the methods and materials that can be used (both pictures here are from the site).

The site is quite small at the moment, but plans to add more content very soon.  You can also contact the site with any questions you may have.

So if you would seriously like to have a go, it's definitely worth checking out Hand Made Chess.

If anyone already has pictures on their own home-made board/pieces please post them in the comments! 

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