More BBC On Chess In Schools (Video)

More BBC On Chess In Schools (Video)

May 10, 2011, 9:45 AM |

My last blog was about a BBC report on the decision by Armenia to make chess in schools compulsory.

In the UK, Malcolm Pein is behind the Chess In Schools And Communities initiative which is campaigning for something similar in UK schools.

Malcolm Pein is also the driving force behind the London Chess Classsic tournament.

I still think making it compulsory is a step too far, but good luck to Malcolm in his efforts to promote chess generally in the media!

BBC Video News Report

The aims of the initiative are:

  • To encourage teaching and playing chess in state schools and inner city communities.
  • To organise and promote world class chess events as a catalyst for mass participation.
  • To raise the profile of chess and highlight its educational and social benefits