My Perfect Game

My Perfect Game


My perfect says's analysis! Yeah, I know it sounds like I'm bragging, but I'm not like that, honest! 

After every game for my local club I input the moves into an engine for analysis and find out what I missed. It's normally a humbling experience as I realise I made blunder after blunder, even if I thought I played quite well. But not this time...

Out of 22 moves played, 20 were rated "excellent" and 1 "good". One move was forced. No inaccuracies (?!) mistakes (?) or blunders (??) were found. Holy cow! 

A screenshot of the incredible CAPS of 99.60

Needless to say, I'm very pleased to have played such an accurate game, even if there was probably more luck than judgement involved! 

Here's the game in full. I was Black and the time control was 30 moves in 60 minutes followed by 25 minutes to a finish. 

Comments on my "perfect" game are welcomed . I'm unlikely to be this lucky again...

As a side note - this is a good example why any cheat detection on a website needs to look at a reasonable number of games before having evidence of computer assisted cheating. My CAPS score for this game is higher than Magnus Carlsen's average of 98.6, but it's only one game.  My long term average would be much lower as expected by my mediocre rating.