New 3D Boards at!

May 4, 2009, 12:10 AM |

The latest release of updates for includes new 3D boards (sometimes known as 2.5D boards due to the board itself staying a square shape, rather than being distorted to give the impression of 3D).

There are also new board colours and other 2D piece styles.

Some examples!  The default is still the normal blue squares with 'normal' pieces.  Let's try the 3D Wood pieces with the Medium Wood board instead.

Notice that the 3D pieces animate nice and smoothly! The new javascript works a treat!

What about the 3D Plastic pieces on the Olive Wood board?

I like the darker black pieces on that one!

There are lots of other choices as well.  How about a marble green board with maya pieces?


Not only can paying members use the 3D options to display games in posts like this, but they can also be used when playing your own online games.  Have fun! Cool