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Novelty Chess Sets

Novelty Chess Sets

Feb 27, 2010, 7:47 AM 13

I have a few chess sets, and one 'best' set (pictured) that looks and feels great. 

Chess sets can come in all sorts of sizes, designs and materials to suit just about any taste or budget.  From pocket sets to giant sets, plastic to rare and beautiful woods, Staunton design to... well, what's the most bizarre novelty set you've seen?  How about the top 10 list compiled here for a few examples!

A surprising number of young players don't even own a chess set, playing solely on a computer screen instead.  That seems like a real shame to me.  If you haven't got a set, then it's definitely worth getting one - there's nothing like the feel of pushing REAL pieces around a REAL chess board.  Beats clicking and dragging with a mouse any day! Cool

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