Shaking hands before a game is now MANDATORY.

Shaking hands before a game is now MANDATORY.

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When you play a competitive OTB (over the board) game of chess, do you shake your opponent's hand at the start of the game?  Yes, of course you do.  It's a common civility that is extended to your opponent.  What if you don't like your opponent for whatever reason?

Well, there is now a rule which says that if you refuse to shake hands then you lose the game.  This rule was tested very recently at the Corus tournament when Ivan Cheparinov refused to shake hands with Nigel Short at the start of their game.  Short complained and he was awarded the game by default, but this decision was overturned on appeal - Cheparinov had to apologize and the game eventually took place, with Short winning for real.

There is news coverage here including a video of the incident (also posted in the videos section here).

So what do you think?  Should shaking hands before the game be compulsory


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