So I Joined A Chess Club!

So I Joined A Chess Club!

May 25, 2017, 2:12 PM |

After many years spent feeding my chess habit via the wonders of the internet, and in particular, I joined a chess club! In truth, I'm not exactly a newbie because like many chess addicts of my age (46, since you ask) I played for my local club when I was a carefree young boy. In the intervening years I've graduated with a degree in Mathematics, fallen in love, got married, moved house three times, and held down a job for 20+ years until 2016 when my head went bang and I realised there was more to life than work.

So after finding myself with more time on my hands, and a desire to have some fun, I joined Pontypridd Chess Club last summer. I'm not sure what I expected, but as I entered the club I was acknowledged with mild curiosity by the cognoscenti and after acquitting myself respectably in a few rapid games I was welcomed as a new member.


I acquitted myself respectably in my early club games (not actual photo)

Since yesterday was my 10th anniversary of joining I thought it would be a good time to revive my dormant blog and get back to my second favourite hobby after playing chess; writing about it! I have some experience writing about chess, in my previous role as News Editor at (2008-2013) and if enjoy blogging half as much as I did writing news reports then it will be well worth my time. 

But what should I blog about? Well, chess news is now covered superbly by Peter Doggers and others, so there's no point in trying to duplicate or compete with that. Instead, I thought I would focus mainly on my personal games and attempts to improve my chess skills. I already have a season's worth of my chess games for Ponty to analyse! I also hope to blog about any other chess related tidbits that take my fancy.

If you're one of my previous readers, then thank you for your patience! If you're new to my blog then please make yourself at home, and perhaps browse my blog highlights below. I hope to provide some entertaining and interesting blog posts once again.

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