The Most Exciting World Chess Championship Ever?

| 17

Seville, 1987. The two greatest chess players in the world are nearing the end of a titanic struggle for supremacy.

Garry Kasparov, the champion, is determined to hold onto the crown that he fought so hard to gain in 1985/6.  The former champion that he deposed, Anatoly Karpov, is equally determined to claim the title back.

With the 24-game match all-square after 22 games (3 wins each up to that point) Anatoly Karpov pounces on a Kasparov error to win a thrilling game 23 to take the lead!



Karpov only needs to draw the 24th and final game to be the world chess champion again.  But Kasparov plays it cool in the final game, earning a fantastic victory to level the match and retain his title!