Why I hate soccer, Part 3

Why I hate soccer, Part 3



I just saw Uruguay beat Ghana in penalty kicks.  Prior to the penalty kick shoot-out, there was a penalty kick given to Ghana after Uruguay's star player, Suarez, deflected the ball WITH HIS HAND to prevent a goal.  By intentionally cheating, Suarez saved a goal.  Ghana missed the penalty kick and then lost in the shootout.

The moral to the story?  Cheating pays off in FIFA soccer. 

As an American who hates soccer, I would like to add yet another reason for hating soccer.  See the first 8 reasons here:


Reason #9:  A goal should be awarded if the opposing team's player intentionally deflects the ball with his hand in the goal (assuming he's not the goalkeeper, of course). 

In basketball, blocking an inevitable basket is called "goal-tending" and is an AUTOMATIC basket.  You don't force the offense to shoot free throws, it's automatic.  FIFA should make it an automatic goal as well for the kind of disgusing display of poor sportsmanship demonstrated by Suarez.

The ever-classless Suarez celebrated the missed PK by Ghana.


FIFA has proven, yet again, that they are determined to make soccer as crappy a sport as possible. 



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