My battle with the venerable Hank Anzis

Mar 25, 2014, 8:40 PM |

Event: St. Francis Date: March 22nd, 2014


Round: 1 Board: 17 Section: Adult Opening: QG-Dutch


White: Hank Anzis Black: Me




White: Black:



  1. d4 f5 // Hank’s head tilted to the side as if in slight disbelief someone would

    offer up the Dutch.

  2. c4 Nf6

  3. Nc3 c6 // got a conciliatory “Okay..” from Hank on seeing my move to c6.

  4. e3 e6

  5. Nf3 d5

  6. Bd3 Bd6

  7. O-O O-O

  8. Ne5 Nd7

  9. f4 Ne4

  10. Bxe4 fxe4

  11. Qe2 Nxe5

  12. fxe5 Be7 // had a hard time deciding where to place the B, on c7 or e7.

  13. Bd2 c5

  14. Rxf8+ Bxf8 // Not sure whether this was better than taking with the king.

  15. cxd5 exd5

  16. Rf1 cxd4 // a bit of a gambit on my part, I was hoping to clear up some of the

    clutter in the center.

  17. exd4 Qb6

  18. Be3 Be6 // Failure to split and pick apart Hank’s pawns; time for Plan B.

  19. Qb5 Qc6 // Not wanting to trade Qs on Hank’s terms, I tried to find a better


  20. Rc1 Qxb5 // Reluctantly, trading queens to Hank’s advantage.

  21. Nxb5 Bd7

  22. Nc7 Rc8

  23. Nxd5 Rxc1+ // Some would be happy to have the B-pair here, but with all the

    junk in the center, I knew Hank’s pony would be superior. I’m betting Hank knew that too. :) In an effort to cut down on potential problems, I thought removing the rooks from the board was a good idea; but, even better was the chance to eliminate his prized pony from the board as well!

  24. Bxc1 Bc6

  25. Nc3 Bb4! // Not necessarily a brilliant tactic, just a pointed move to get Hank’s best piece off the board.

  26. Kf2 Bxc3

  27. bxc3 Bd5 // Opposite colored bishops achieved, now to hang on for the draw..!

  28. a3 b5! // A book move.. which book, I can’t recall (probably Andy Soltis)..

    but it was worth its weight, stalling Hank’s Q-side advance and forcing Hank to work K-side. Later Hank noted he was impressed with this move. Compliment accepted, except it really didn’t seem like my invention.

  29. Ke3 Kf7

  30. Kf4 c5

  31. Kf5 g6+ // Hank begging me to play g6+ so he could maneuver his K around my pawns. Like a good sport, I obliged.

  32. Kg5 Kg7

  33. g3 h6+

  34. Kf4 Kf7 // Really thought we were getting close to a drawn position here, but was happy to keep playing. Was looking for a way to swap my K & B so I could get my K up in the Q-side pawns and win the game.

  35. h4 Ke6 // this probably was a blunder on my part, but Hank did not seem to capitalize on it. My dreams of getting my K to the other side of the board were quickly squashed.

  36. Kg5 h5+ // Another non-stellar move on my part. But, again, Hank was kind.

  37. Kf5 Kf7 // Have “Kg5” in my notation for Hank, but this is incorrect, guessing Kf5

  38. Kf4 Bc6

    Draw offered. Agreed.

    ½ - ½