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Deployment Chess/Stress Reliever! (Any Tips For Improvement?)

Deployment Chess/Stress Reliever! (Any Tips For Improvement?)

Oct 28, 2013, 4:34 AM 0

Theres two sides to every coin, not much can said about DEPLOYMENT. Deployment is a great time to experience different things (good or bad), in my case was many of games my battle buddies and I played on our "down-time". We went from Minecraft, (dont laugh)...a Pokemon Hiatus, to Counter-Strike, and for some of us...Chess. 

One of my teammates had a plethora of games for us to copy from his hard drive, and I saw "ChessMaster: GrandMaster Edition". After seeing that title, I just had a flashback of my elementary/middle school years, when strategy games were a BIG hype (i.e. Magic The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon TCG, Chess.) So I decided to download it not knowing what to expect, little did I know that this computer game, showed me a side of chess that I never would of thought existed. I took the Josh Waitzkin Academy, Chessmaster, and watched some historic games. As I learned more about the game (tactics, strategy, art) the more I looked up the greatest players and history of the competition. I was mind-blown at the fact that the following for this game is equivalent to any other competitive game. 

The more I read, and understood the simple concepts of the chess community, the more I wanted to be apart of it. Of course when I have my down time from where I'm currently at. I played my teammates, over and over again, of course they grew tired of playing due to the fact that we go through entertainment fads every month, but for me chess just stuck. 

I registered to Chess.com as a free memeber, played acouple of Live Chess games, Won a couple, lost a few and realized that theres many ways to improve. Right now I'm stuck in a rut for improvement because in my eyes..."There's too much information for me, that I don't know where to start." 

In the end I started to play chess to escape the fun/harsh reality of deployment. I want to improve but don't know an effective way to. So if you guys/ladies who are reading this post know any way for an aspiring new player to improve, let me know. 

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