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Resume of the roud 1 and 2 of "TATA STEEAL CHESS" GM Magnus Carlsen , GM Giri Anish ,GM Hou Yifan,GM
Game = Round 2

Resume of the roud 1 and 2 of "TATA STEEAL CHESS" GM Magnus Carlsen , GM Giri Anish ,GM Hou Yifan,GM

Jan 14, 2018, 6:31 PM 0

Hello guys this is my blog.


Game Giri anish white vs Hou Yifan black As everyone knows GM or the great masters their plays are spectacular. They start with the petrov play line # 5. You have to perform several things 1 ° That if you do not know the petrov line always ends in tables usually.

2 ° That the great masters had a very good development and that already for the move 26. Nxc6 + were very even, and for the move 30. Qe3 was about to crown the white but the black stopped after a couple of changes and the Black and White had already changed queens.

3 ° Now for the play 53 Qf6 53 ... Qxf6 +, 54. gxf6, Queens have already changed but there is a special play that surprised me that the lady GM Hou Yifna 55 ... Kc6 a very bad play, an error that decided the game in favor of white will win the game. Winner Giri Anish






Game Carlsen, Magnus vs Caruana, Fabiano. Tata Steel chess. opening: Defense Petrov Magnus as always gives a very good game, and this is not the exception but have been tables I think a great game.... Magnus is a monster in the chess is so good and i recognize it.

Caruana, Fabiano is a GM that I respect him very much for being boards with the Magnus World Championship, although many said that Magnus would win or that would be draws. In my case, I opted for the boards because the opening in which they started usually always remains that way.

I think that in other cases magnus if he had won but that is the word to be his humble servant.


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