Pressure Points

Dec 5, 2014, 5:48 AM |


---> (Done) (That's it) (KISS) funk is on and off the one

"Don't add strength to dysfunction." not bad

- penetrate

STRETCH EM TO MOVE 12.."stretch the game"



 - FEEDACK (!that's it)

 - common pawn exchanges and breaks especially as black must be known


       (aka pulling strings...) (You can't win)



 - in/out

 - interesting chess monster

 - the basics

 - euwe,

 - meet: (5s)

---> FAME

 - no fun

 - mix it up

 - mix it up

 - f'n speeeeeeeeeeeeeed freaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaks!

 - the unreasonable man

 - timing: there are no basics!

 - what can I do?

 - challenge the centre: chess should never be played mechanically!

 - the centre offers two pieces and thus the combo sticks out like dogs balls!

 - take their advantage

 - positional players simply need a working knowledge of combination: dogsballs!

 - take out the hydra head: images!!! (you can't strengthen by weakening)((philosophy is where you get into trouble))[build]

 - only gold take sout the hydra head

Avoid the attack: don't guess!