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Mikhail Chigorin Club

Mikhail Chigorin Club

Jun 16, 2017, 4:20 AM 27

Russian chess statistician Vitaly Gnirenko has compiled a list of all players who defeated a reigning classical world champion in a game with classical control. Below is the chronological table of players joining the club. For the sake of convenience, I've also included world champions themselves in the list, without numbers.

Mr. Gnirenko's original article (in Russian) can be found here: https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Клуб_Михаила_Чигорина

No. Player Nationality Year Place Champion defeated
1 Mikhail Chigorin Russian Empire 1889 Havana Wilhelm Steinitz
2 Isidor Gunsberg England 1890 New York Wilhelm Steinitz
Emanuel Lasker Germany 1894 New York Wilhelm Steinitz
3 Curt von Bardeleben Germany 1895 Hastings Emanuel Lasker
4 Siegbert Tarrasch Germany 1895 Hastings Emanuel Lasker
5 Joseph Blackburne England 1895 Hastings Emanuel Lasker
6 Harry Pillsbury United States 1895 St. Petersburg Emanuel Lasker
7 David Janowski Russian Empire 1896 Nuremberg Emanuel Lasker
8 Rudolf Charousek Austria-Hungary 1896 Nuremberg Emanuel Lasker
9 Frank James Marshall United States 1900 Paris Emanuel Lasker
10 Carl Schlechter Austria-Hungary 1904 Cambridge Springs Emanuel Lasker
11 Akiba Rubinstein Russian Empire 1909 St. Petersburg Emanuel Lasker
12 Fyodor Dus-Chotimirsky Russian Empire 1909 St. Petersburg Emanuel Lasker
13 Ossip Bernstein Russian Empire 1914 St. Petersburg Emanuel Lasker
Jose Raul Capablanca Cuba 1921 Havana Emanuel Lasker
14 Richard Reti Czechoslovakia 1924 New York Jose Raul Capablanca
15 Alexander Ilyin-Zhenevsky USSR 1925 Moscow Jose Raul Capablanca
16 Boris Verlinsky USSR 1925 Moscow Jose Raul Capablanca
Alexander Alekhine France 1927 Buenos Aires Jose Raul Capablanca
17 Efim Bogoljubov Germany 1929 Wiesbaden Alexander Alekhine
18 Hermanis Matisons Latvia 1931 Prague Alexander Alekhine
19 Arthur William Dake United States 1932 Pasadena Alexander Alekhine
20 Savielly Tartakower Poland 1933 Folkestone Alexander Alekhine
Max Euwe Netherlands 1934 Zurich Alexander Alekhine
21 Petrus van Hoorn Netherlands 1937 Leuden Max Euwe
22 Andor Lilienthal Hungary 1937 Stockholm Max Euwe
23 Thorsten Gauffin Finland 1937 Stockholm Max Euwe
24 Vladimirs Petrovs Latvia 1938 Margate Alexander Alekhine
Mikhail Botvinnik USSR 1938 Amsterdam Alexander Alekhine
25 Reuben Fine United States 1938 Amsterdam Alexander Alekhine
26 Karel Opocensky Czechoslovakia 1941 Munich Alexander Alekhine
27 Bjørn Nielsen Denmark 1941 Munich Alexander Alekhine
28 Klaus Junge Nazi Germany 1942 Salzburg Alexander Alekhine
29 Ludwig Rellstab Nazi Germany 1942 Munich Alexander Alekhine
30 Arturo Bonet Polledo Spain 1945 Gijon Alexander Alekhine
31 Antonio Medina Garcia Spain 1945 Gijon Alexander Alekhine
32 Francisco Lopez Nunez Spain 1945 Almeria Alexander Alekhine
33 Francisco Lupi Portugal 1946 Estoril Alexander Alekhine
34 Paul Keres USSR 1948 Moscow Mikhail Botvinnik
35 David Bronstein USSR 1951 Moscow Mikhail Botvinnik
Vasily Smyslov USSR 1951 Moscow Mikhail Botvinnik
36 Nikolai Kopylov USSR 1951 Moscow Mikhail Botvinnik
37 Efim Geller USSR 1951 Moscow Mikhail Botvinnik
38 Joszef Szily Hungary 1952 Budapest Mikhail Botvinnik
Tigran Petrosian USSR 1952 Gagra Mikhail Botvinnik
39 Mark Taimanov USSR 1952 Moscow Mikhail Botvinnik
40 Samuel Reshevsky United States 1955 Moscow Mikhail Botvinnik
41 Miroslav Filip Czechoslovakia 1957 Baden Vasily Smyslov
42 Andreas Dückstein Austria 1958 Munich Mikhail Botvinnik
Mikhail Tal USSR 1960 Moscow Mikhail Botvinnik
43 Jonathan Penrose England 1960 Leipzig Mikhail Tal
44 Wolfgang Unzicker West Germany 1961 Oberhausen Mikhail Botvinnik
45 Wolfgang Uhlmann East Germany 1962 Varna Mikhail Botvinnik
46 Svetozar Gligoric Yugoslavia 1963 Los Angeles Tigran Petrosian
47 Viktor Korchnoi USSR 1963 Moscow Tigran Petrosian
48 Vladimir Liberzon USSR 1964 Moscow Tigran Petrosian
49 Lajos Portisch Hungary 1965 Zagreb Tigran Petrosian
50 Bent Larsen Denmark 1966 Santa Monica Tigran Petrosian
Boris Spassky USSR 1966 Moscow Tigran Petrosian
51 Anatoly Kudryashov USSR 1967 Moscow Tigran Petrosian
52 Borislav Ivkov Yugoslavia 1968 Palma de Mallorca Tigran Petrosian
Bobby Fischer United States 1972 Reykjavik Boris Spassky
53 Ulf Andersson Sweden 1975 Milan Anatoly Karpov
54 Eugenio Torre Philippines 1976 Manila Anatoly Karpov
55 Alexander Beliavsky USSR 1977 Leningrad Anatoly Karpov
56 Jan Timman Netherlands 1978 Bugojno Anatoly Karpov
57 Igor Ivanov USSR 1979 Moscow Anatoly Karpov
58 Anthony Miles England 1980 Skara Anatoly Karpov
59 Yuri Balashov USSR 1980 Rostov-on-Don Anatoly Karpov
60 Zoltan Ribli Hungary 1980 Amsterdam Anatoly Karpov
61 Friðrik Olafsson Iceland 1980 Buenos Aires Anatoly Karpov
62 Vlastimil Hort Czechoslovakia 1981 Amsterdam Anatoly Karpov
63 Carlos Garcia Palermo Argentina 1982 Mar del Plata Anatoly Karpov
64 Yasser Seirawan United States 1982 London Anatoly Karpov
65 Ljubomir Ljubojevic Yugoslavia 1982 Turin Anatoly Karpov
66 Zurab Azmaiparashvili USSR 1983 Moscow Anatoly Karpov
67 Wolfram Hartmann West Germany 1983 Hannover Anatoly Karpov
Garry Kasparov USSR 1984 Moscow Anatoly Karpov
68 Nigel Short England 1986 Brussels Garry Kasparov
69 Andrei Sokolov USSR 1988 Reykjavik Garry Kasparov
70 Artur Yusupov USSR 1989 Barcelona Garry Kasparov
71 Boris Gulko United States 1990 Linares Garry Kasparov
72 Vasily Ivanchuk USSR 1991 Linares Garry Kasparov
Viswanathan Anand India 1991 Tilburg Garry Kasparov
73 Gata Kamsky United States 1992 Dortmund Garry Kasparov
74 Robert Huebner Germany 1992 Dortmund Garry Kasparov
75 Joel Lautier France 1994 Linares Garry Kasparov
Vladimir Kramnik Russia 1994 Linares Garry Kasparov
76 Alexander Shneider Ukraine 1994 Lyon Garry Kasparov
77 Veselin Topalov Bulgaria 1994 Moscow Garry Kasparov
78 Jeroen Piket Netherlands 1995 Amsterdam Garry Kasparov
79 Peter Svidler Russia 1997 Tilburg Garry Kasparov
80 Ivan Sokolov Bosnia 1999 Wijk an Zee Garry Kasparov
81 Alexander Morozevich Russia 2001 Wijk an Zee Vladimir Kramnik
82 Ruslan Ponomariov Ukraine 2003 Wijk an Zee Vladimir Kramnik
83 Alexei Shirov Spain 2003 Wijk an Zee Vladimir Kramnik
84 Loek van Wely Netherlands 2003 Wijk an Zee Vladimir Kramnik
85 Vladimir Akopian Armenia 2004 Wijk an Zee Vladimir Kramnik
86 Michael Adams England 2004 Wijk an Zee Vladimir Kramnik
87 Peter Leko Hungary 2004 Brissago Vladimir Kramnik
88 Emil Sutovsky Israel 2005 Dortmund Vladimir Kramnik
89 Etienne Bacrot France 2005 Dortmund Vladimir Kramnik
90 Evgeny Bareev Russia 2005 Moscow Vladimir Kramnik
91 Teimour Radjabov Azerbaijan 2008 Wijk an Zee Viswanathan Anand
92 Levon Aronian Armenia 2008 Morelia Viswanathan Anand
Magnus Carlsen Norway 2009 Linares Viswanathan Anand
93 Hikaru Nakamura United States 2011 London Viswanathan Anand
94 Sergei Tiviakov Netherlands 2012 Baden Baden Viswanathan Anand
95 Boris Gelfand Israel 2012 Moscow Viswanathan Anand
96 Wang Hao China 2013 Wijk an Zee Viswanathan Anand
97 Fabiano Caruana Italy 2013 Zurich Viswanathan Anand
98 Arkadij Naiditsch Germany 2014 Tromso Magnus Carlsen
99 Ivan Saric Croatia 2014 Tromso Magnus Carlsen
100 Radoslaw Wojtaszek Poland 2015 Wijk an Zee Magnus Carlsen
101 Jon Ludvig Hammer Norway 2015 Stavanger Magnus Carlsen
102 Alexander Grischuk Russia 2015 St. Louis Magnus Carlsen
103 Yannick Pelletier Switzerland 2015 Reykjavik Magnus Carlsen
104 Sergei Karjakin Russia 2016 New York Magnus Carlsen
105 Richard Rapport Hungary 2017 Wijk an Zee Magnus Carlsen
106 Maxime Vachier-Lagrave France 2017 St. Louis Magnus Carlsen
107 Bu Xiangzhi China 2017 Tbilisi Magnus Carlsen

The only world champion beside Steinitz who never was in the Chigorin Club was Anatoly Karpov. He never played Petrosian before 1969, played with Spassky only once when he was a champion (a draw in 1971), and never played Fischer at all.

Update: Bu Xiangzhi became the newest member of the Chigorin club by defeating Carlsen at World Cup.

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