Mikhail Tal. "Knowledge? Intuition? Risk?", part 3

Jan 29, 2011, 1:36 AM |


I don't want this article to look like epitaph, so I'll risk to offer you my only win in that ill-fated match. This game's character fits the general theme of our discussion.

The fifth game began with Larsen leading 3:1. Considering that there were only four games until the formal end of the match, it was obvious that I should have played for a win, regardless of my pieces' colour.

We decided to play an opening that I called "The Sad Indian defence". Larsen usually chooses a very sharp variant there. This time, it was comfortable for the Black player. Together with GM Geller who coached me in this match, we studied the game Larsen - Najdorf from the Santa-Monica tournament three years ago. The Argentinian grandmaster couldn't play a thing in his favourite variant. In the opening, his position was already bad. We could expect that Larsen would play that scheme again - modern opening books say that this system is very uncomfortable for Black. We thought that this verdict was too harsh and decided to "appeal". The game happened next day.