My favourite Web Site

Nov 10, 2007, 2:53 AM |

I got a Broadband connection very recently (yes I did live under a rock) and I have been exploring all the sites I can, from game forums to... well you know. But this is by far the best site I have found (youtube is Good too) as I love chess. Since my older cousin taught me to play one christmas because I was bored and he knew the game very well. He proceded to beat me in every game for three years. Then I started playing some friends at school, I was about 12 and had to talk them into it, it sounded boring to them. Four of us found it an exiting challenge and played regularly. Then I played my cousin again and beat him easily!

It was the best christmas ever! Twelve games and I won Nine. My cousin didn't play me again for ages, he is a poor looser, but I have played anyone who wants a game since. I have only completed one game on this site so far but I love it already. The blogs are good, the content open and friendly, and it easy to navigate round the site while playing one or more games. Thank you, very good job.