Download tournament games in one go!

Download tournament games in one go!

Jun 13, 2015, 4:33 PM |

Since there's no function to download all games of a tournament I wrote a little bash script called which should work on any Linux system.

You can download it from

If you're not a Linux user you may get a Linux live DVD to start it without the need to touch your running operating system on your computer at all.

Step by Step  Guide (Linux)

  1. Download my script from For this guide I assume you choose your ~/Download folder. If you use the download function will add the suffix *.sh automatically. 

    Note: If you're worried about downloading any virusses or stuff, no worries, this is only a text files stored at 

  2. Open a Terminal and change directory to ~/Downloads or where ever you've stored the file.

    user@linux:~/$ cd Downloads

  3. Get rid of the annoying DOS CRLF line terminators.

    user@linux:~/Downloads$ sed -i 's/\r//'

  4. That's it, you may now start the script for trial by

    user@linux:~/Downloads$ bash

  5. If you're happy with the script you probably want to make it executable, move it to a better location and link it into a place where it can be found. 

    user@linux:~/Downloads$ chmod a+x
    user@linux:~/Downloads$ mkdir ~/bin
    user@linux:~/Downloads$ mv ~/bin/
    user@linux:~/Downloads$ sudo ln -s ~/bin/ /usr/local/bin/tournget

    Now you can invoke the script simply by typing tournget into your shell. The bash completion works as well, of course.

Here's a screenshot I captured using a Linux Mint Xfce Live DVD (available at This is how it looks like. Simple, but it does it's job.

The a bit complicated looking command sed -i 's/\r//' tournget is only to remove the CRLF line terminators unfortunately adds to the file for some unknown reasons, but you have to do it only once.
If you got any questions please ask. Feel free to report any issues or bugs with it to me as well.