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Main Line Chess and Games

IM Spinaltap
Dec 23, 2015, 10:17 PM |

As a guy with an unhealthy obsession of gaming, most notably chess. I've always wanted to open my own retail gaming store. Since this is, we might as well talk about only one of the awesome games Main Line Chess and Games has to offer. Yep, Non other than Munchkin.

Well OK... we have chess stuff too.

One thing that is a bit anonying about living in the Philadelphia area as a chess player, is that for such a huge city, proportionally there is just not enough of a chess scene in it's vicinity. Comparably to say New York. For example, the legendary Marshall Club is great to hang out in, and runs events every day of the week.

Taking on the "if you build it, they will come" mentality, I began this endevor with the intention of helping to build a thriving chess scene in the Philly area, and ful-filling my gaming passion at the same time. I hope to emulate the atmosphere of a bustling chess club, with open doors 7 days a week, and opting for a chess event nearly everyday such as classes, tournaments, and more. We are doing our first tournament in two weeks. See details here:

Grand Opening Swiss!

If anyone has any questions about the club, send me an email at, We have a website in progress and working on implementing a full on chess event schedule. For more info visit our Facebook page here: Main Line Chess and Games