how 2 play basic

how 2 play basic

Jul 26, 2013, 10:33 AM |

Basic`s is a very valaueble part of your game,like I say:"if u don`t know wat 2 play go 2 basic`s"

Basic`s can mostly get u one step ahead of your opponent if u don`t know wat 2 do.Basic`s fokas mainly on devolopment of your biship`s and knight`s and after they arn`t sitting ducks any more u can castle and be one step ahead of your opponent and if u play it correct there will probebly be no stopping u going into your middle game and one step closer to your end game and finally finishing the match.

4 me the best opening 4 basic`s is

e4/e3     ?

b4/b3     ?

making u able to develop your biship`s and knights 

and if u don`t understand wat I mean in the opening above here is a little something 4 u

and if u ask why not 2d5 4 black, it will end up pawn take pawn, queen take pawn and Nc3 then black loses a move retreving his queen and here is wat I mean

Now white can either attack of stay with his game and not his opponet`s