My (Unsuccessful) Vacation from Chess

Aug 18, 2007, 6:35 PM |

*This is a follow up to my previous blog entry*

 So, despite my attempts to take a break from chess, it turns out I've done some chess problems/read some chess literature almost every day.  It's just so hard to put it down.  Sadly, my visit with my relatives in Singapore was too short to have time for me to check out the local chess scene.  However, I'm now in Hong Kong for the next few days, and I'm pretty sure I'll succeed in finding some.

The more interesting part of my trip has been playing chess with my cousins (12 and 7).  They've got good ideas of the basics (threat/defense of pieces), and I'm sure they will soon pick up on simple tactics as well.  I'm thinking I'll get them a version of chessmaster for them, as I have a feeling they will soon overtake my uncle (who I haven't had the pleasure of playing yet and seeing how strong he is). 

 Anyways, my passion for chess is the same, I just need to focus more when I play <20 mpg (minutes per game Tongue out) matches.  I also dominated against a chessmaster "computer" ranked ~1650, which might be me improving a little more and leaving the realm of a complete chess patzer.