Illuminati Chess

Jan 15, 2012, 9:45 PM |

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. If it makes perfect sense it probably does. If it's funny, it's probably true. It is absolutely impossible to beat the computer at chess. "They" know too much. "They" know everything; the game is rigged. "They" know every move you're going to make before you even make it. Moves have already been made and set. Everything is strategically placed and everything is set in motion from beginning to end. "They" own the board, the pieces and also the game. Chess is war, and we're all just a bunch of pawns. Even the most valued pieces are merely pawns on their chessboard. It doesn't matter what side you play. Black or white, it doesn't matter. You're going to lose. "They" are always watching and monitoring the chessboard. We're way too inferior for the computer program. "They" don't have to think logically or critically analyze any moves. "They" simply play off what moves we make. And all the chess theories and all the chess books are no match for the mighty chess program. The only way to beat them is to realize "they" can't be beat and to use their system against them. We need to really start thinking. Think about time and space. Think about each square from every single angle. We need to start reading between the lines. We need to hold our ground. Protect the line. Think about the history of mankind and the development of our species within the last couple decades. Think about the technological advancements we've accomplished within the last 100 years. We need to start being self aware and becoming superconscious that the unimaginable is possible. We need to change the perception of our reality. We need to be prepare for the inevitable truth that's been hidden right in front of our eyes. We need to change our reality. We need to keep our eye on the pyramid the same way the pyramid keeps an eye on us. If "they're" going to watch us, then we got to watch them. We need to sharpen our third eye and realize that the game is a set up. By doing so, we can figure out where the glitches in the system are. We need to exploit their weaknesses and capitalize on their errors. The computer chess system has been beaten before and it can be beaten again. We just need to be clever and fearless. We need to use their tools and weapons they give us and use it against them. We need to wake up and start thinking. For starters, the black market is a good underground source of economy that the feds can't get to. Opening a small business or even a vice racket also makes it difficult for "them" to steal back their money through "taxes." Turning off mind controlling devices such as: mainstream TV, the media and commercial radio. Reality TV resonates delusional TV. We need to start reading books; real quality informational books. People should start listening to past music who's artists promote peace, love as well as addressing the ultimate struggle. We need to organize groups. Strong political groups that can stand up to their forces. We need to stop the negativity and start helping. Fighting amongst ourselves and killing ourselves is exactly what "they" want us to do. Their goal is to Divide and conquer. Stop with the racism and ignorance. Be courteous on the road again. We need to start self educating and searching for knowledge and information. We need to rise up and strike back. We need to resist the subconscious subliminal suggestions inside of catchy pop jingles produced by the gimmick factory. We need to protect and value our women, for they are the mothers of our earth. And mother earth is who we should protect the most. We need to go against the grain and not be controlled with materialism. Dealing strictly in cash and moving assets into credit unions also slow down their funding. The more funding "they" get the greater their chess programs will become. Strength in numbers. We need to start self educating and stop settling for the overpriced brainwashed institutions. Don't believe in "titles", don't believe the hype. There needs to be more chess bars, chess parks and chess halls to combat the chess program "they" have created for us. We need to strengthen the chess community and think extremely critical. We need to think methodically. These are bizarre and peculiar times we're living in. There's something strange and mysterious happening on the chessboard that's unexplainable. And i can't quite put my finger on it. Oakland's 99% Occupy failed with their protests is because they didn't have strong leadership or committee with vision. But the people are getting ready. One thing that we should realize is that there is an army of people who are fed up and willing and ready to get in the game and fight. But the chess program is too smart for that. We need to be ingenious, cunning and relentless. "They" aren't going to reveal themselves, we need to go underground. We need to hide within the shadows. Although the protest hype has gone down, the idea and thought is still prevalent. The time is now to rise up and beat the computer at chess. We need to set up our own game, our own rules, our own pieces. I pity the mindless drones who get up everyday trying to beat the computer, not realizing that "they" can't be beat. All you can do is play over and over again. It's futile trying to achieve things that never were. "They" make the rules and "They" rule the chessboard.