The Goodbye Of a Genius
Mikhail Tal.

The Goodbye Of a Genius


Hello everyone!

I bet you know the great Riga Magician, Mikhail Tal. Undoubtedly, he was the greatest creative genius in chess history and always filled us with joy with his unexpected sacrifices and mate sequences that seemed to appear out of nowhere. Good news! Today's article will be about him.

During his lifetime Tal played some games with Kasparov and his score was +1−3=11. This article will contain one of these games.  However, this is not any common match between Kasparov and Tal. This is the last great game Tal played in his life. At the time, he was 55, and a month later he died.

Now, here is an analysis of the game that represents more than any game between Tal and Kasparov. This game represents the life of the man who will always be in chess history and who has always made us smile with his wonderful piece sacrifices.

Here is a subtitled video showing Kasparov's comments regarding the game.

In the video Kasparov talks about one of Tal's most famous features: The ability to get his opponents into trouble. Because of this his opponents wasted a lot of time thinking about how to solve the situation and for that reason Kaspa lost in time.

We can see Tal's strength in chess when we discover that sick and weak he was still able to beat Kasparov in just 17 moves. This will be forever remembered by us as a chess player and as a human being.

And that's it for today. I hope you enjoyed the article. What did you think about the game? Leave it in the comments!