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Apr 21, 2008, 4:20 PM 1
Cocaine has a few, Alcohol proberly have more, LSD, mushrooms and Nicotine each take their souls, Thankfully none of these have me. My addiction is Chess. Like hundreds even thousands out there I'm addicted to an 64 square board. Always watching always waiting, to make my move. I don't even care if i win or lose just as long as it was a good game. Honestly in the middle of exams nothing seems more interesting that my chess games. Physiology and Biology have been constant for years now rarely something new and exciting to think about, everything documented everything known with reasonable certainty. But chess, its alive! With more documentation than any other single topic on earth Chess is still evolving, always interesting, and always dynamic.  And just as an old friend of mine said to me one afternoon, "Chess is an addiction, that i'm happy to keep!"

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