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Apr 19, 2008, 10:07 PM 0
Closing my eyes and smelling the world around me as I begin falling from that high place. I can sense my streams of thoughts as they chill my skin passing me on my decent. I am free-falling, submitting to one of the true constants of this world we live in. Falling deeper into the stratosphere through rain darkened clouds. Falling to a world waiting to take me on impact, but yet I'm at peace. Nothing to worry about nothing to do but fall, and nothing to stop me from falling. Soon silence overtakes my body who's no longer screaming, the hairs on my arms and legs stand up feeling my fall, knowing of the inevitable end to my decent. Excitement beyond words control my body, shivers and spasms take control of my body. Deeper i fall into this world, opening my eyes I can see the mountains now, the mountains of all that i have conquered, in my short life. The deafening silence of the world above scatters from my mind, and no longer are my streams of thoughts alone. The birds fly pass flapping their wings and the world crys out to me, willing to accept my sacrafices. My tears, my blood, my willingness to always go on. "Let go! Let go of it all! Take nothing with you! Shead that what holds you back!" - A subconcious Voice calls...and I do, awakening to a new world different from the place i left behind on that high place.

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