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3 times I won in the endgame

3 times I won in the endgame

Jun 29, 2016, 8:21 AM 14

Here are 3 games where I won in the endgame. In some of the games the positions look equal and in one of them I'm much worse but still found a way to win.

The first game is a good example of how important endgames are. Equal position after the middlegame but I still won, because I played a much better endgame. 

This game was played badly by me, lots of mistakes in the middlegame and when the endgame was reached I had two pawns less. I should have lost, right? Wrong! Don't give up! make them prove they can win, my opponent could not do that. He could not even draw it. You may think that he is only a 1200 guy, that's because he had lots of timeouts, his blitz rating were 1700, so he was a good player. 

This game was a beauty. I tried some new things, queenside castle in a Berlin and then a pawn storm which failed... but I got an interesting endgame where my opponent had doubled d-pawns, I started looking at that weakness and of course I could take advantage of it, the rooks were well coordinated and always threatened something which lead to me winning two pawns. That made the rest of the game an "easy" win.
What can you learn from this?
Even though the position looks equal you can make lots of mistakes, so don't think it's a draw, you still have to prove that you can draw it. It's the same for your opponent, make him prove that he can draw it. So don't offer or accept draws if you think there is a small chance you can win, and if you somehow lose an equal endgame you will learn lots of good things from it.
Thank you for reading my blog, please let me know what you think of the blog and the games, if you have some cool endgames you want to share feel free to do so!

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