Leaving Online Chess

Nov 9, 2012, 8:30 AM |

Yes, I am leaving Online (Correspondence) Chess. It was only recently that I understood that it is hindering my life out of chess.com. I put myself on vacation and I enjoyed my life a lot, a lot better than how I felt it was here online.

I liked the way I was free of tension, free of the thought that I will have to log in and play before my time gets over. I played outdoor games, watched the television and enjoyed my studies more and better.

I will not run after my online ratings now, but concentrate more on OTB skills and play more tournaments OTB and develop my experience in that.

Somewhere I have understood why my friend, General_Mysers also left the site.

So I have resigned all of my games, and will play no more after my current 14-day tournament gets over. However, I will log in occasionally for Tactics Trainer, live chess games, groups and to keep in touch with friends.

If there is anyone reading this who has me as an admin in their group, I request them to demote me to a member. This is a very strong and sincere request. I shall only be an SA of my one and only group, Strategizers & Speedsters, and its HQ.

I will also be unavailable for games and will not join any team matches. I am sorry for that and also for all the games I've lost for my groups. I am also blocking off all news alerts and team match alerts. If there is anything that has to be informed, you can message me privately or drop a note.

And I'm saying sorry for all the group invites, if there were any sent. Maybe I will accept them when I get past all of my 2106 (as of now) messages.