My games in the 1st Maharashtra Open International FIDE Rating Chess Tournament - 2013

Mar 6, 2013, 9:30 AM |

(Long name)

Before I start, I want to tell everyone that I am unrated in all the 3 time controls - Classical, Rapid and Blitz. This was 90 min|30 sec classical. 245 players were registered at the start, with 97 rateds. I had gone to play here for a rating, and in the end got a rating performance of 1462. My games posted here are not analyzed ones. They are just simple posts. If possible, I will post an analysis here later, or in another blog post. 

My colour preference is Black. Bad luck, all my rated opponents played Black against me, except the last one. 

Round 1 - Table 111

Round 2 - Table 34

Round 3 - Table 80

Round 4 - Table 26


Round 5 - Table 72

Round 6 - Table 31

Round 7 - Table 68

Round 8 - Table 39

Round 9 - Table 35

After the initial losses, I used their attacks, traps and ideas to beat the others. I had a crash course on the Sicilian before the 4th round! Laughing Seems like I've kind of mastered it! Tongue Out The last round opening was entirely a logical one and I had never faced it before. 

At the end, I won the 1st prize for the Best Unrated player, along with cash prize. I calculated my rating performance, which amounted to 1462. Five more to go. Hopefully soon.