Stupid timeouts

Stupid timeouts

Sep 20, 2012, 12:03 AM |

Alright, alright!

I believe most of the readers would already have faced such situations, and I'm a new entry to this group. For the others, it might just give them a hint of how it feels to be.

Yesterday morning, I log in, I see I have about 9-10 hours as deadline for my move, I play my move in some of them, had to leave the computer for some other work, just noted the time I have till I can outspeed the deadline, and then close everything.

The day passes.

I go out for some work.

I watch TV.

Two hours after the 'doomstime' (a self-created word as a modification of doomsday, referring to a certain instant of time, not day, when tragedies are supposed to happen), I swear at myself, get the computer as a slave, try opening the link that strangely doesn't work, then go to as an alternate way that strangely works, and then find myself within a bunch of games to play and a shockingly angering-cum-disappointing loss of rating.

I rush to the Online Chess games, and then I see I have timed out in 3 games, out of which 2 had given me the upper hand. The third was anyways an undisputed loss.


Isn't that a combined natural feeling of anger, sadness and disappointment over forgettance, negligence and incapability of setting priorities? Yell