Important Message About Cheating

Important Message About Cheating

Oct 3, 2011, 9:55 AM |

Received today: (Shameless Bragging + Commentary)

Congratulations StrategyFiend on achieving a high rating on! You are now among the strongest players on our site. (Edit: Very Overstated!)

Whenever any player reaches this level we send out this message to remind them of our policies and practices related to cheating: We have a zero-tolerance policy on cheating. We work hard to detect cheating and have developed sophisticated cheat-detection methods which are extremely effective at identifying those players who are using anything but their own skills to play. When we catch cheaters, we close their accounts immediately and ban them from future participation on

If you are unclear on our policies related to the use of chess software or reference materials, now would be a good time to review our FAQ on cheating. Rest assured that we remain vigilant, doing everything we can to minimize the impact of cheating in your games and those of other honest players on our site.

We wish you best as you continue to play and improve!





It's interesting that cheating is so rampant. I mean, what is the point of cheating at online chess? Absolute waste of time! Somebody else plays against your computer, and you make the moves? I don't get it, how is that even remotely like fun?