chess and bad days #

Dec 27, 2016, 10:40 PM |

every one who have been playing chess for many years know that there are horrible days and wonderful days in the chess world .

every chess player have the experince and the wisdom to aviod making the same mistake that cuses him to loss so many matchess where he or she was in a winging posstion but somehow due to lack of timing or a new chess board structure confused him and couldnt deal with it just right.

but that is normal and we have to accapt it even the top chess player can loss to low rated player but not very week of course! its rare for them to be like this every two week, but the question is

is there realy more room to improve ??? although we try our best to improve for 6 month hard work! isnt? but again we make the same old mistake that we did 6 month ago!!!!! we runing in a circule !


why we sometime defeat strong player and the next match we loss to weak player! isnt that confusing?


this important :

you see player play incridbly like god chess and in the other day you see him playing like a 10 years old !!!

can we do our best playing chess if we want to? or is it depend on the day and your mood and your luck?

or can we at least, balance our emotions and control it in order to have good days and reduce the bad days gradually!! but that a new  skill to have and it is difficult too

i want to read your opinons and your suggestion on this confusing topic