Joke Puzzles 2 - The King's Propaganda

Feb 1, 2014, 12:15 PM |

Last time, we had fun with some silly chess puzzles using obsolete rules. There is plenty of fun to be had with modern rules, though! For today's theme, it is fitting to begin with some positions which demonstrate that the king does not need his miserable little pawns to do his work for him, and that he can fight his battles all by himself.

Or can he? After all, a king is not a king without his army. In this first puzzle, the goal is to achieve this silly position:


Click here ( to go to the opening position and see if you can get into this strange position by controlling both sides. It is actually quite easy!

Solution: just use the knights to capture all the pieces, and then use the kings to capture the knights. Now it looks like the kings have done all the work, when really they did practically nothing!

The next problem is a helpmate problem, meaning that you control both sides to mate black. But there are a couple of provisos: you must do it in under ten moves, and moreover, none of the pawns on the board can move! Again, click here ( to try it.

Solution: here is an example of how you might do it:

Got that one okay? Good. In the third puzzle, then, you must do the same thing, except that black only has his king! (no pawns or anything for black!) The black king must also be on his home square of e8 at the beginning of the puzzle. Click here ( to go to the beginning position and try it.
Solution: here is one way of doing it:
As you can see, not only can the king not do without his knights, sometimes he needs his pawns too, even if they don't actually move!