My first World Open(2013)

Jul 18, 2013, 5:22 PM |

Over the July 4th holiday, I played in the World Open in Crystal City, Arlington, VA in the U1600 section.  This was my first big CCA event.  I played in the Eastern Open in Dec and played horrible and continued horrible play until the spring when I finally got my chess head screwed on straight again.  Going into the WO, the horrible play led to a rating,about 150 Elo less than I had in December.  I didn't mind so much that I was at the bottom of my section rating wise going in to the WO.  I thought,with good play, I could be in the running for the under prize but  that this being my first nine rounder that realistically I wouldnt place in my section but would do my best and see where the cards fell.

For Round 1, after the pairings are finally up, I'm the last player listed and theres an odd number meaning I have a full point bye.  This didnt help get rid of the anxiousness that had been building but I didnt let it phase my focus and took it as a positive and felt my job in rd 1 was accomplished and went and rested up.  Finally round 2 arrived and I had the white pieces.  It was a Panov Bottvinik Attack against his Caro and I felt I had a great position out of the opening.  I missed a few of his ideas in the middle game and let him back in it then he made some mistakes in the endgame and I now had 2 pts.  Great start.




The endgame had some instructional material.


Round 3 was against a kid who finished with 7/9 points and a 1701 post rating.  This game wasnt overly complicated.  I made some inaccurrate defensive moves and lost before move 30.  He had some pressure but I couldnt find the right resources.

Round 4 was against a 6 or 7 year old kid from California.  I think overall this was the best game of my eight games.  I saw the inital moves in the critical positions but didnt pull the trigger due to not seeing the full follow up.  Sometimes its best to go with your gut even if you dont see it all or dont move until you see it as they say in the movies.
 Rd 4 Full Game.
  In Round 5 I eventually found a nice tactic to shut the door for a win.

 Round 6 ended in a draw in which I was better.  I believe I accepted the draw prematurely.  

Round 7 I lost in the endgame with a knight and even pawns vs his bishop and even pawns.  I went for activity instead of holding fast and it cost me a half point.



In round 8 the PTBs had me paired as black vs a (1598) rated player the top seed.  Higher ratings dont worry me. Seeing my rating, I think he tried to run over me based on his opening.  I had a small advantage throughout but when it came time to fully control the game I went for equally instead of claiming a sizeable advantage.  The game ended in a draw.


Round 9 ended in a loss for me as white giving 4 points for the tourney.  This was probably my worst game with opening miscues and missed tactics in the end.

Overall, I felt the mistakes I made can be corrected with work and I was happy playing solidly in most games.  I had a great time at the World Open and recommend it to every serious player to play in at least once.