Chess Related Music

Chess Related Music

Apr 8, 2014, 5:13 PM |

Warning: this is not about goooood music.

It just has to mention chess in some way.

Let's start with a masterpiece, it will make everything clear...

"Schach durch die Dame im Spiel" [Check through the Queen] by Roland Kaiser, a king of the "schlager", those german hits.

I guess I should mention "Chess", the musical, unfortunately I never watched it.

And then there is "One night in Bangkok" by Murray Head:

Recently (2014), an opera about Mikhail Tal has been created at the opera Riga, the hometown of that genius:

"Mikhail and Mikhail play chess" by Kristaps Petersons.

And we can't forget that Philidor, yes the guy who said that "pawns are the soul of chess", that he was a great musician too and a composer.

I am sure that I'll find more examples but feel free to contribute!