Birthday Event - Launching "Any Time Chess" on 14 October 2016

Oct 13, 2016, 10:07 PM |

Birthday Event - Launching "Any Time Chess" on 14 October 2016

Happy Birthday TarunSuper Kids Chess Academy is pleased to announce Any Time Chess - a platform that brings players together ANY TIME that they want to play. Yes. Now, you can play chess any time that is convenient to you.

Any-Time Chess will start on 14 October 2016 and gifts for the winners will be announced on 16 October 2016 as part of celebrating our Academy's star player Tarun's Birthday!

Why "Any-Time" Chess?

As an emerging Chess player in Hyderabad, you always wanted to play with good players to improve your game. Didn't you?

Okay, let's imagine that you wanted to play chess with some of the finest players in town at ANY TIME during ANY DAY of the week to improve your game. What possibilities do you have? Nothing much. Isn't it? And why? Because most chess organisers organise tournaments on weekends and that too within a stipulated time. This leaves players with no option but to go to such tournaments, spend a lot of money and play only a handful of games.

So, does this mean that there are no options for enthusiastic chess players to play with each other at convenient time? Not any more... SKCA is bringing a new concept of "Any-Time" Chess (ATC) to the players in Hyderabad.

The good thing about this ANY TIME chess is that you can choose your own players. For each game we give our own Ratings and then we reward the player who has highest rating during the week.


Features and Benefits of "Any-Time" Chess

Affordability, Accessibility, Availability, Learning and Earning are the important characteristics of Any-Time Chess.

Affordable Fee: Only Rs.10 for each game you play
Winner Gets Back Fee. Losers Fee Goes to Prize Fund
Prizes/Gifts based on Weekly Rating Performance

Some of the important features of Any-Time Chess are:

  • Each Player pays only Rs.10/- per game towards Game Fee at the beginning of the Game.
  • Winner will get the Game Fee after the Game.
  • Computerised Toss that automatically assigns White and Black.
  • Notation Sheet will be provided by the Arbiter.
  • Players MUST write Notation Sheet and Winner is responsible to return the filled-in notation sheet to the Arbiter.
  • Results will be instantly updated, Ratings are also calculated instantly and Leaderboard is also updated on our website automatically.
  • Ratings will reset every week. Every Monday the Ratings will start from 1000 (if tournament begins on other than Monday then everyday 10 points will be deducted for all players. Example if Tournament starts on Friday, then all players rating will start from 960 points.)
  • Those who do not attend the game for one-day will lose 10 points.
  • ELO Rating System will be used with K Factors (40 for less than 1500 rating; 20 for 1501 to 2000 rating; 10 for more than 2000 rating).
  • Arbiter decision is final. Arbiter has the right to expel players from tournament in order to maintain discipline in the tournament. We request all players to maintain silence during the tournament.

As we are giving away free tokens, these tokens can be used instead of paying money. If the players wins, he/she will get the token back and he/she can play other games using that token.

When, Where and How?


Any-Time Chess will begin on 14 October 2016 and will continue for three days until 16 October 2016. Every day players can come anytime between 9 am to 9 pm at Super Kids Chess Academy in Ramnagar, Hyderabad. There will also be gifts for the winners which will be announced on 16 October 2016 as part of celebrating our Academy's star player Tarun's Birthday!

On this Birthday Event, SKCA is happy to distribute 5 FREE tokens for the first 20 players who visit the Academy on 14th October 2016. These tokens can be used to play the tournament as per the rules of Any-Time Chess. Tokens must be provided to the arbiter before playing a new game. If the player wins, we will give back the token to the winner so he/she can use the same token to pay for other games. All tokens must be used between 14 October to 16 October.

Each Token is worth Rs.10/- that can be used for playing one game.

First Prize ₹ 1,500
Second Prize ₹ 1,000
Third Prize ₹ 500
Fourth Prize ₹ 250
Fifth Prize ₹ 125


More Information

If you are interested to learn more about Any-Time Chess, then click here: Any-Time Chess

Interested players can use Contact Form on our website and ask for any additional information. You can also write to our tournament Director Ms Nandita (

Look forward to see you there!